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Students at Mount St. Mary Academy are actively involved in life outside the classroom. We offer a variety of clubs and activities so our students can pursue their interests and develop new ones. Some include:

Mount St. Mary is proud to offer 22 clubs including:

List of 22 items.

  • Anime Club

    Students gather to share their love of anime monthly.  Films, graphic novels, and new literature are shared.
  • Black Affinity

    Our Black Affinity club is a support to our African American students who come together to share stories and support for each other. The club also helps support initiatives of other clubs and helps ensure that our school community is a place of welcome for all.
  • Book Club

    Book Club meets monthly to discuss what they’re reading as a group. The club explores literature types such as graphic novels, classics, and contemporary literature.
  • Connect Life Club

    Connect Life supports the mission of Mount St. Mary Academy because it teaches students about the gift of life through blood and organ donation. The club holds an annual blood drive at school.  Additionally, during Service and Justice Days, students can learn more about equity and blood supply.
  • Creative Writing Club

    Creative Writing Club provides an opportunity for student writers to share their creative writing pieces with their peers and receive constructive feedback. The club also holds writing workshops with and without prompts that allow students structured time to write.
  • Culinary Club

    Culinary Club is a club that teaches students basic cooking skills, provides hands-on experience with recipes, and allows students to relax and eat with their friends.
  • Drama Club

    The Drama Club is an entirely student-run organization dedicated to producing a play every spring. Leaders include a student director, student producers, and a student stage manager. Male students from local high schools are welcomed and encouraged to audition.

  • Fit Club

    Fit Club offers a variety of games and activities to help students stay active. These activities give MSM students the opportunity to find enjoyment in living a healthy lifestyle. Activities take place in the gym, weight room and outside.
  • Knitting Club

    Did you know that knitting and crocheting is just as relaxing as meditating? Students of any skill level can join Knitting Club and give it a try!
  • Mathletes

    Throughout the year, the Mathletes practice for and participate in competitions that take place at D’Youville College in December and April.

  • Model United Nations

    Model UN gives students the opportunity to gain experience in areas like diplomacy, negotiation, and decision making as they become “delegates” of nations in the UN. MSM students are able to learn about the procedures of the United Nations and international conflict as they attempt to resolve current global issues. 
  • Multicultural Club

    Do you like learning about new languages and cultures? How about holidays, customs, or tourist attractions? Then multicultural club is for you! The club has a different theme at each monthly meeting and members explore it through challenges, games, crafts and more!

  • Musical

    MSM’s annual musical is an opportunity to showcase the vocal, instrumental, and dance talents of the students here at Mount. Male students from local high schools are also welcomed and encouraged to audition.

  • National Honor Society (NHS)

    National Honor Society recognizes the academic talent that exists at Mount St. Mary Academy. Throughout the year, members work to promote the four pillars of NHS: scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

  • Orchestra Club

    For students interested in being part of our strings ensemble.  The Club meets on select Tuesdays afterschool with small group lessons offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Students that are interested in joining this club, please reach out to our strings instructor - Ms. Nigrin ( )
  • Other Student-Centered Organizations

    • Dance Team and Colorguard
    • Gemtones - Gemtones is a vocal ensemble that is both a class and a club. The purpose of the club portion of Gemtones is to support the community at large. Gemtones also provides funds for specific causes, such as giving back to MSM by providing an annual scholarship to an incoming freshman. The ensemble sings at local events and area schools and senior centers.
    • Marching Band
    • Prism - coordinated with Counseling division,  a support group for our LGBTQIA+ students
    • Rumblers (Mountie Spirit Club) - coordinated through Athletics and School Life
    • Ski and Snowboarding Club - partner with St. Joseph Collegiate Institute
  • Reflections

    Reflections Literary Magazine is an annual publication that showcases student work such as poems and short stories, photographs, drawings, paintings, etc. The magazine is put together for students, by students.

  • SASI (Students Against Social Injustice)

    The mission of SASI is to provide members with the opportunity to raise awareness to instances of social injustice, human rights violations, and basic inequalities in local, national, and global communities. SASI also forms a unique community that transcends all grade levels through a mutual interest and concern for social justice through open dialogue and discussion of issues that concern members of the group.

  • Serve Club

    The purpose of Serve Club is to promote service to all people in need both at Mount St. Mary Academy and in the MSM community. Serve Club provides a variety of opportunities for community service to the school and the greater Western New York region. The club stresses the importance of showing God gratitude for all of the many blessings the students of Mount St. Mary Academy have in their lives, and strives to make a difference in ways both big and small.

  • Student Council

    Student Council is a committee of elected student-government officials who work to promote student leadership, school unity, and school spirit at MSM.

  • The Voice

    The Voice is a student-led club that falls under our Belonging, Equity and Inclusion initiative.  Students bring hopes and concerns to club meetings to ensure that all feel welcome at the Mount. The Voice partners with other clubs to raise awareness around social justice.
  • Yearbook

    The Yearbook Club works hard to create and design the MSM yearbook every year. Mount St. Mary yearbooks are truly a work of art that tell the story of each year at the school.

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