Pocket note

The Pocket Paper Project encourages students to keep a note of positive affirmation at close reach.


All throughout MSM, you’ll see Mounties reaching into their pocket, taking a quick peek at the contents and giving a small secret smile. That’s because the Friends of Rachel Club (FOR) has given MSM students something to smile about — themselves.

Last week, FOR launched a Pocket Paper Project designed to increase self-confidence through positive thoughts. During homeroom, each student was given a small square of paper and asked to write one thing she loves about herself or something she is very proud of accomplishing.

Then students were asked to fold the paper up and put it in their pockets. Throughout the day, students were asked to read the notes to themselves at least five times.

This system of positive affirmation has lasted beyond the scheduled one day activity. Though the notes now appear well-worn, they also appear well-loved.

Cailey and Mary Elise

Seniors Cailey McGillicuddy and Mary Elise Brady helped bring the Pocket Paper Project to MSM.

The Pocket Paper Project was led by students Cailey McGillicuddy, Mary Elise Brady and Julie Fleming, based on an idea by fitness teacher and Assistant Principal for Student Life Marissa Dauria ’05. McGillicuddy saw the activity in fitness class and recognized it as a great opportunity for all students. FOR quickly spread the project throughout the homerooms where students were encouraged to “Write it – Read it – Believe it.”

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