August 2, 2020

Dear Class of 2020 and their families,

Mother Nature certainly has kept us all on our toes! We are thrilled to celebrate your graduation tomorrow, August 3rd at 7:00 pm on the MSM front lawn in front of the grotto. Thank you for your understanding of our creative ceremony in this unprecedented time of a global pandemic and now, in addition, uncertain weather conditions.

The health and safety of all continues to be our priority. With uncertain weather, we will be keeping a close eye on the radar as we near the outdoor ceremony. We will send out notice with any new directions to make accommodations in our ceremony, but all should still come to campus. A reminder about health protocol: We ask that any student or guest who is currently under quarantine orders or experiencing any potential COVID-19 symptoms not attend. We are happy to make arrangements for a special delivery of the diploma at a later date.

What follows are the updated logistics and details for our special celebration:

A timeline sketch of the ceremony:

6:45 pm All Class of 2020 graduates line up in student parking lot alphabetically; A-L guests park in front circle area
7:00 pm Ceremony begins with procession. Part I: A-L guests present on front lawn in assigned seating; Graduates with last name A-L receive diplomas
7:30 pm M-Z guests parked in student parking lot
7:40 pm Intermission: Class photo taken, A-L guests leave, M-Z guests move onto front lawn
7:55 pm Part II of Ceremony: M-Z guests present on the front lawn in assigned seating; Graduates with last name M-Z receive diplomas.

~8:30 pm Ceremony conclusion. Procession back to student parking lot.

Notes specifically for our graduates:

● All Class of 2020 graduates are expected to wear the traditional white graduation gown. Given that we will be on the front lawn, it may be simpler to wear comfortable footwear (simple sandal, flip flops)
● All students must wear a face covering (suggestion: your MSM mask given at our farewell tour on May 31st)
● Students should plan to park in the St. John Ukrainian Church parking lot
● Line up alphabetically no later that 6:45 pm on the sidewalk in the student parking lot. We will have markings to ensure appropriate social distancing.
● You will receive your beautiful bouquet of roses from Ms. Ferby and Mrs. Wojick at this time.
● Mrs. Pitz-Jones will review details of the ceremony so the class will have a sense of how the celebration will unfold.
● Ms. Ferby, as the Senior Class moderator, will lead your class in procession to the front lawn
● Graduates’ seats will be labeled alphabetically by last name. Please sit in your assigned seats.
● Unfortunately, we do have graduates who will be unable to join us for the ceremony, but we will honor these students by leaving a chair open in their honor.
● During the intermission, we will be taking a class photo using a drone. Please remain in your seat and listen for direction from the podium.
● We will have a small cart for graduates to place their purses, keys, phones etc which will be stored securely inside during graduation and brought out to the student parking lot post-ceremony where graduates can collect items with the help of our staff. Any additional items (awards, yearbooks) that had not been previously picked up will also be available post-ceremony.

Notes for all guests:

● Each graduate is still permitted to bring two guests to graduation. If you have made special arrangements to receive an extra ticket, you will find three seats labeled with the graduate’s last name.
● Mr. Tom Wolf, our hired photographer, will be taking individual photos of each graduate receiving her diploma and these will be digitally available to families at a later date.
● The entire graduation ceremony will be broadcast on Facebook Live

Notes specifically for guests of graduates with last names A-L “Mountie Blue Team”

● A-L guests arrive to park in the front circle (our maintenance team and hired police officers will assist with this effort). Please arrive by 6:45 pm.
● All guests must wear face coverings at all times
● Our staff will assist you in finding your labeled blue seats.
● The ceremony begins at 7:00 pm
● A-L guests will be present for the first part of the ceremony and watch their graduate receive her diploma in person.
● Once graduates with last names A-L have received diplomas, there will be an intermission in the ceremony. All A-L guests will be asked to leave campus in their cars, parking in nearby business lots or waiting in the St. John Ukrainian Church lot and viewing the ceremony online.

Notes specifically for guests of graduates with last names M-Z “Mountie White Team”

● M-Z guests arrive in the student parking lot (our maintenance team member and hired police officer will assist). Please arrive no later than 7:30 pm. Please remain in your cars until our staff directs you to move to the front lawn.
● All guests must be wearing face coverings at all times.
● During the intermission, M-Z guests will be seated with the assistance of our staff in the labeled seats on the lawn.
● We expect the second half of the ceremony to begin no later than 7:55 pm.
● M-Z guests will be present for the second half of the ceremony and watch their graduate receive her diploma in person.
● The ceremony will conclude with the masked singing of the alma mater (we ask all graduates and alumnae to please stand) and a procession of graduates back towards the St. John Ukrainian Church parking lot.
● M-Z guests will follow the procession and depart from the student parking lot. Our maintenance team and police officers will help direct traffic.

We know that some of our graduates are headed off to college midweek, with others soon to follow. We are grateful to be able to gather the Class of 2020 one last time safely in person to celebrate before this new chapter begins. May God abundantly bless our graduates. See you tomorrow night!


Katherine M. Spillman, Principal

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