Are you interested in making a donation for our Chrysalis Auction? Here’s all of the information you will need and a few gift ideas to get you headed in the right direction.

A charity auction is a major fundraiser, an occasion that is as exciting as it is worthwhile. Chrysalis is a wonderful social event, a night of culinary delights, upbeat fun and an opportunity to procure wonderful gifts, services, personal items and travel – all for a good cause. The nature of the auction process allows everyone associated with the event to choose their individual comfort zone and participate at whatever level they choose.

The items acquired for the Chrysalis are auctioned in two ways:

Silent Auction

Most of the goods and services received will be sold through the Chrysalis Silent Auction. Each item is photographed and then uploaded to our mobile bidding software. Auction participants bid electronically for the items they are interested in purchasing. Gifts will range in value from approximately $25 – $250.

Visit our custom gift list on Amazon! The best part is, your item will be shipped directly to us at MSM! You can also check out our Best Silent Auction Items Infographic below:

Silent Auction Infographic


Live Auction

The Chrysalis Live Auction features a professional auctioneer. Live auction items, on display throughout the evening, are those exceptional gifts considered significant because of their value, rarity and appeal. The value of these items ranges from $200 to those of a more intangible or “priceless” value. Items that sell best and bring the greatest return are use of summer homes, resorts and condominiums, trips and cruises, jewelry, sporting event packages, Disney World passes, larger outdoor equipment and packages, higher end luxury bags, and original works of art.

No matter your gift price point, you can help us build a live auction package! Cash contributions and donations of restaurant vouchers, event tickets, hotel or flight vouchers and more can add up to create a fabulous live auction item. Do you live out of town? Contact us to help us build a vacation package for your new hometown.

For a list of Live Auction Ideas Download our Infographic by clicking below:


Live Auction Infographic

How do I donate my gift?

Donations can be dropped off in the Main Office on school days between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. You can make an appointment for an alternate drop-off time by contacting Alexis Arth at (716) 877-1358 ext. 304 or, or join us for an upcoming gift gathering party and have a good time with your MSM friends while doing a good deed.

Don’t forget to download a donation form.