The Guidance and Career Services Department at Mount St. Mary Academy is here to work with students on personal, social, and academic concerns. We have two counselors who work with the same students through all four years and a full-time social worker for all students. We make it our goal to get to know each of our students so we can best assist them to make their high school years as positive and successful as possible.

Counselors meet with students individually as well as in small group seminar classes. At each grade level, seminar classes are offered tailoring the subject matter to students’ needs, including the following topics:

Freshmen: transitioning to high school, starting the high school resume, preliminary career searches, and mental health and well-being.

Sophomores: career development, narrowing down career choices and investigating career options. All students take a career assessment, which helps them narrow down career choices and investigate career options.

Juniors: Beginning the college search and the college application process

Seniors: Continuing the college search and application process, interviewing and essay writing skills, financial aid and scholarship information and “what to expect in college”

Additionally, Mount St. Mary Academy helps students and their parents prepare for college by sponsoring events such as college essay writing workshops, college admissions panels, information nights for junior and senior parents, career speakers, college representative visits, college fairs, and more.

Our students receive specialized assistance when it comes to obtaining scholarships. Collectively, the Classes of 2019 and 2020 earned nearly $40 million in scholarships to colleges and universities across the U.S.— an average of nearly $253,00 per student.