classroom-2015-1Mount St. Mary Academy students wear a uniform which ensures an appropriate study atmosphere while permitting individual choice and self-expression.

We require students to wear a uniform black watch plaid skirt or kilt. Students may choose to wear a white or light blue oxford blouse, white or navy polo, or white or navy turtleneck.

Students are also offered a choice of navy sweaters or sweatshirts to choose from. Knee socks, ankle socks, or tights in solid white or navy must be worn with closed toe leather or suede shoes in a neutral color.

Seniors are allowed the privilege of wearing hunter green shirts, socks, or tights. Seniors also have a specially designed hoodie that can be worn throughout the year to show their class pride. Throughout the school year, Mount St. Mary hosts several “dress down” or “jeans days” which serve as fundraising activities for various causes and student organizations.

A full description of our dress code is found in the Student Handbook.