Students at Mount St. Mary Academy are actively involved in life outside the classroom. We offer a variety of clubs and activities so our students can pursue their interests and develop new ones. Some include:


This club was formed to create and enjoy crafting mathematically inspired art projects. 

The Donate Life Club

The Donate Life Club is a UNYTS sponsored program that assists groups of students at area high schools in the planning, development and implementation of a campaign to increase awareness about organ, tissue, and blood donation among their peers. Students involved have an opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills, as well as earn volunteer hours.

Culinary Club

Culinary Club allows for students to learn the basics of food preparation, food safety, culinary skills, and the art of following a recipe. The club provides opportunities for students to try new foods and step out of their culinary comfort zone.

Drama Club

The Mount St. Mary Drama Club is a student-run organization that seeks to give students the opportunity to engage in different facets of theater, including acting, playwriting, directing, set design, costuming, stage direction, lighting, sound, and so much more. Each fall, we hold a series of workshops on these different facets of theater to prepare for the spring play, which is chosen each year in consultation with the moderator.

Environmental Science Club

Foster an awareness in the students of both Science and the Environment that will allow them to continue this long after they have graduated from Mount St. Mary.

Equestrian Club

Riders of any skill level have an opportunity to expand their skills on and off the horse. The members will ride in the fall and spring as a group at Northridge Farm with trainer Anne Cinelli. Although the sport is considered “independent,” the students will also learn to work as a team on and off the horse. 

Fit Club

Fit Club offers a variety of games and activities to help students stay active. These activities give the students the opportunity to find enjoyment in being active and promote an overall healthy lifestyle.

Foreign Language Club

Foreign Language Club works to open the world to our members, by providing an insight into cultures around the world – introducing them to new foods, cultures, crafts, music, languages, and more. The Foreign Language Club organizes annual trips open to all students so they can experience other countries first hand.


Gemtones is a vocal ensemble that is a class and a club. The purpose of the club portion of Gemtones is to support the community at large when we can. Gemtones performs at area grade schools and throughout the community.

Mock Trial Club

Students learn about courtroom practices and procedures in both criminal and civil law cases; students prepare for and participate in simulated trials as witnesses and as attorneys in a real courtroom before a real judge. Student lawyers learn the rules of evidence, how to examine and cross-examine witnesses, and how to make persuasive opening and closing statements; student witnesses learn their roles and respond to lawyer questions in a manner consistent with their persona without the benefit of notes or other prompts.

National Honors Society

National Honor Society seeks to recognize, celebrate, and encourage the tenets of scholarship, leadership, service, and character in the Mount St. Mary community. Each year, we support a different charity each year through our various fundraising endeavors, and we raise money each January for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Western New York through the Pennies for Patients campaign.


Reflections Literary Magazine, a Mount St. Mary Academy tradition, includes poems, short stories, photographs, drawings, and other print media from students at MSM.  The magazine provides opportunities for students to, not only have their work published for the school to read, but also provides staff members experience with writing, editing, graphic design, and technology.  

Students Against Social Injustice (SASI)

Students Against Social Injustice is a club that aims to raise awareness to instances of social injustice, human rights violations, and basic inequalities in our local, national, and global communities. Our club also forms a unique community that transcends all grade levels through a mutual interest and concern for social justice with open dialogue and discussion of issues that concern members of our group.

Writing Club

Writing Club allows an opportunity for student writers to share their creative works with a group of students with a similar interest in writing.  Students bring pieces of writing that they have been working on to Writing Club and share with the group.  After sharing their works, students provide constructive feedback to guide fellow students in improving their works.  Students also participate in a weekly writing workshop.