Hi, Mounties, and welcome back to Shelf Care!

This week’s first book is a novel that takes place right over in Niagara County! If I Ever Get Out of Here by Eric Gansworth is the story of a boy named Lewis “Shoe” Black who lives in poverty on the Tuscarora Reservation in the 1970s. When he starts bonding with a white classmate named George over their love of music, Lewis dreads the inevitable day George will ask if he can come over to Lewis’s house. Lewis is convinced if George sees the conditions of the Black family’s home, he won’t want to be friends anymore. But when a bully starts giving Lewis a hard time, he will find out that music can shape deep and unwavering friendships. If you’re a fan of the Beatles, Queen, and more classic rock, you’ll love this book. Each chapter is named after a Beatles song. I listened to those songs as I read and it completely changed the experience for me, setting the tone for every chapter. Even if you don’t like classic rock, the characters in this book are bound to move you. This is such a refreshing, poignant novel, and it’s really cool to see bits and pieces of the Buffalo area throughout the story. And here’s a fun fact: Gansworth was one of my professors in the Creative Writing program at Canisius College–so if any of you seniors are headed there next year, I highly recommend taking one of his classes, even if Creative Writing isn’t your major!

The second book for this week is Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo. You might know Bardugo’s name from her best-selling “Grishaverse” series (starting with Six of Crows). I was so excited when this book was announced. I loved Bardugo’s other books, and I have always been a huge Wonder Woman fan, so I had high expectations for Warbringer. It did not let me down! The premise is this: A young Princess Diana is determined to prove her worthiness as a warrior to her fellow Amazonians. But when she breaks Amazon law and daringly rescues a mortal girl, she has no idea what she’s in for. It turns out that mortal girl, Alia, is not so ordinary; she’s a descendent of Helen of Troy, and there are people after her who believe she will begin a new World War. If you’re a fan of Wonder Woman and/or Greek mythology, I promise you will love this book. It’s such an action-packed adventure full of memorable characters and unique monsters. You won’t want to put it down. I was so obsessed, I read it in two days!



Happy reading, MSM. I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

Ms. Lee Ann Kostempski, Library Media Specialist

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