Welcome back to Shelf Care, Mounties!

This week I’ve got some classic literature to recommend for you.

The first book this week is the classic that got me into classic literature: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. In my early years of high school, I typically only read fantasy adventures like Harry Potter, and I was under the impression that classic literature was “boring” and “dated.” But then one of my English teachers introduced me to The Picture of Dorian Gray, and I learned that fantasy, science fiction, and horror had a rich history in the literary world that stretched back throughout history. In Dorian Gray, Wilde tells the story of a handsome, popular young man known not only for his dashing good looks, but also for being vain and generally horrible. When Dorian sells his soul for eternal youth, his life takes an even darker turn. If you’re a fan of classic horror writers such as Edgar Allan Poe or Mary Shelley, you’ll love Dorian Gray. And even if you tend to lean more towards the romance writers such as Jane Austen, I encourage you to check out Dorian Gray anyway; you might just find that you like it! After all, you get all the Victorian England wit and culture with the bonus of a supernatural twist.

The second book I’m going to recommend this week is Mythology by Edith Hamilton. This was assigned to me in a college course as a textbook, and I was thrilled to find that it was actually super readable. Maybe you’ve always been interested in Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology, maybe you grew up reading Percy Jackson and you want to learn more about the myths that inspired that series, or maybe you’re just looking for a few short stories to lose yourself in for an hour or two. Whatever the case, you’re bound to enjoy this book. The great thing about Hamilton’s collection is that you can pick and choose which myths you want to read, or you can read the whole thing from cover to cover. But no matter how you choose to read it, you’ll find tons of classic characters and stories that you’ve seen in other books, movies, and TV shows. These are timeless tales that you’ll never get tired of hearing, and which set the foundations for every story that has ever been told since the early days of ancient civilization.

Finally, this week I have another guest appearance from Butterscotch! Here he is curled up under his favorite blanket with both books. (The lazy bum slept through the entire photoshoot.)


Happy reading, MSM!

Ms. Lee Ann Kostempski, Library Media Specialist

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