What is it like to meet Jack Eichel? One Mountie had a unique opportunity to interview Buffalo’s youngest Sabre and write about it for the Buffalo News. Read Rebecca’s NeXt article here.

Rebecca Brandel ’16 tells about her day at First Niagara Center:


Meeting Jack Eichel was an experience and a day that I will never forget.

The day started off early when I arrived at the First Niagara Center through the press door and entered the back of the arena. As soon as I walked in, I saw many players from the Washington Capitals running around warming up and working out. I was able to watch the Sabres’ morning skate, right up against the glass as they warmed up for the game that night.

After they were off the ice, I made my way to the locker room, which was certainly not what I pictured a locker room to look like! The locker room was large, with a wooden bench in the shape of an oval running around the room. Each player had his name and a picture of him on the ice above his spot, as well as hooks to hang his uniform.

After the morning skate, press members are allowed to enter the locker room and interview the players. There were small clumps of reporters standing around many of the players, and I joined Jack’s. Sports journalists from newspapers all over asked him questions about his past game and that night’s game. After they were done, I was able to speak to Jack individually.  Leading up to my interview, I had watched many of interviews of Jack speaking about his career. It was intimidating at first to see standing in front of me someone I’ve seen countless photos of and watched play hockey on T.V., but Jack was so friendly. After speaking with him, I spoke to his roommate, Matt Moulson about what it’s like to live with Jack. Jack had walked away to continue to get changed, but he came back over to talk with Matt and me about the two living together.

After leaving the locker room, we attended the Coaches’ press conference, then went out to lunch at what Jack said was his favorite restaurant, Chef’s. As we waited in line, we saw Jack and Matt leaving!

 Later that night, we watched the game from the press box. Because this was my first professional athlete I have interviewed, I was so shocked to see how much media went into sports, but after this experience, I know it will not be my last sports interview!


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