Congratulations to all of our 2016 Reverse Raffle winners! Throughout the night we give out several consolation prizes to eliminated numbers. The following ticket holders received prizes:
$100 Dorris Starner
$50 The Macdonald Family
$50 The Class of 2002
$50 The Ziolkowski Family
$50 James Woodruff
$100 Mary Theresa Colson
$50 Amy Pearl
$50 Christine Mangio
$50 Patricia Nowak
$200 Ann Luhr
$50 Carol Lapsley
$50 Brenda Cottone
$50 Ron and Cheryl Hayes
$300 Michael Hora, Jr.
$100 Dominican Sisters of Cecelia
$100 Kristen McGraw
$100 Tricia Grace
$100 Jeanne Mathews/Barb Daly
$10,000 Rob and Alex Fussell
If you were unable to attend and won a prize, your payment will be mailed to you. Thank you to all of our ticket holders for supporting this event!

What’s a Reverse Raffle?

A Reverse Raffle is a unique fundraiser that’s one part raffle ticket and one part fantastic party. Each year, we sell 400 (and only 400) tickets for $100 each. Then we throw an annual Reverse Raffle Drawing Party that has become the hit of the MSM social season. Ticket holders attend and watch for their number to be called while celebrating with classmates, friends, family and friends of MSM.

Unlike in other raffles, you do not want your ticket to be drawn. Each ticket drawn is eliminated from winning the grand prize. The last ticket left in the basket wins $10,000.

Don’t worry, even if your ticket is the first one drawn, you’ll still enjoy a fabulous party and even have a chance to win a consolation prize. (Ticket holders need not be present to win.)

Stay tuned for information about the 2017 Reverse Raffle!