Thank you, Mount St. Mary Academy alumna, for having the courage to speak out against racism. It remains our objective at MSM to listen, learn and act in the pursuit of antiracism.

Your responses to this survey (below) will be kept confidential by the MSM Alumnae Office and the MSM DEI Coordinators with the explicit purpose of protecting your privacy and facilitating whatever level of connection with the school you are comfortable with.

In our listening sessions, we hope to hear from alumnae who identify as Black, Indigenous or people of color about their experiences at Mount St. Mary Academy. We intend to create safe and confidential ways for alumnae of color to tell us about their experiences — good or bad — with the school without interruption. This is not strictly limited to alumnae. We will gladly welcome any person of color who was once a student at MSM but did not graduate from the school, as well.

We hope to begin a healing process for any alumnae who are willing to share with us, and we plan to work together with those alumnae who are willing to join with us in creating a more just future at Mount St. Mary. Listening sessions will be held periodically until all alumnae who wish to speak have had the opportunity to do so.

It is also our intention to facilitate the formation of a self-led collective of alumnae who identify as Black, Indigenous, of people of color. We will provide regular updates on the work already being done at MSM and request input from these alumnae on policy and other changes at the school that we hope will promote diversity, equity and inclusion in our community. This group could be a wonderful opportunity to form a network of alumnae within our greater alumnae community who can lift each other up and support one another.

Finally, it is our great hope that alumnae who are interested in pursuing racial justice alongside MSM will form connections with our students who intend to do the same. We would love to have alumnae of color serve as leaders for student affinity groups, partners with student organizations geared toward racial and social justice, and ultimately mentors to individual students.

If you’re a White alumna who cares a great deal about racial justice, we want to speak with you too. We will have plenty of opportunities to incorporate your help in shaping an antiracist community at our school and among our alumnae and greater MSM community. Please feel free to participate in this survey, there will be questions specifically for you within it.

Please fill out this survey to let us know in what ways, if at all, you would be interested in connecting with us.