Spending a day with us at MSM is the best way to learn what it’s like to truly be a Mountie! We are happy to host girls who are in 8th grade, in the spring of their 7th grade year. or high school students who are considering transferring to Mount St. Mary.

Teachers will be able to meet you, answer any questions you might have and offer their supportive attention in the same way they support our very own students. You will enjoy a tasty lunch from our personal chef and spend your lunch chatting with new friends. Whether you have a chance to attend a dance, fitness or gym class, you’ll get to see all the options we offer for our physical education credit.

Don’t forget to visit our beautiful, cozy library, or take a peek at our art studios and stunning auditorium where our band performs and our musicals and school dramas take place! Our entrepreneurship classes and the STEAM lab will be bustling with student activity and plenty of creativity, so stop by there, too!

We ask that each prospective Mountie arrives at the school by 8:30 a.m. and is picked up at 2:30 p.m. from our Student Dining Hall.

June 10 is our last day of classes at Mount St. Mary Academy. If you would like to tour MSM over the summer please contact Mrs. Elizabeth Suchan-Reitz ’07 at 977-1358 ext. 416 or esuchan-reitz@msmacademy.org.


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Please contact Mrs. Elizabeth Suchan-Reitz ‘07, Director of Admissions, at 877-1358 ext. 416 or esuchan-reitz@msmacademy.org