Each year in the spring, the Guidance and Counseling Department welcomes several professionals to MSM to discuss their careers. Students have the benefit of hearing first-hand information about what it’s like to work in a particular field. Students are encouraged to attend more than one visit, gaining exposure to information about more than one career area.

These are the Career Speakers we had the pleasure of hearing from, some of whom will be back in the Spring of 2019.

(Accounting/ Math Careers)

Ms. Melinda Janik – Former Chief Financial Officer at New Media Investment Group  

*Ms. Janik is an alum of MSM who discussed careers in the finance and accounting field as well as other math related opportunities. In her experience working for Fortune 500 companies she has been able to apply her knowledge of Math, Accounting and Finance.

(Law/ Legal Careers)

Ms. Megan Gomez – Senior Legal Counsel for Excellus Health Plan, Inc & Mrs. Margaret Phillips – Department Chair and Professor of Paralegal Studies at Daemen College

*Ms. Gomez is an MSM alum who attended St. Bonaventure University and then went on to The University of Buffalo where she received her Juris Doctorate. She joined us to talk about the life of a lawyer as well as the many types of lawyer one can be. Mrs. Phillips was with us once again to help distinguish the many ways to work in Justice other than as an attorney. Mrs. Phillips is the Department Chair of the Paralegal Department at Daemen College and spoke all about the versatile and practical field of paralegal studies.

(Physical Therapy, OT, AT etc.)

Ms. Melissa Bulas, PT DPT – Physical Therapist with Buffalo Rehab Group

*Ms. Bulas is an alum of MSM and she spoke about the profession of Physical Therapist and what it entails. She also clarified  the differences and similarities between Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Athletic Training in general.

(Engineering and Computer Science)

Dr. Marina Blanton 

*PhD from Purdue University (2007); MS from Purdue University (2004); MS from Ohio University (2002) Her interests are centrally in information security, privacy, and applied cryptography. Recent projects span across areas such as secure computation and outsourcing, integrity of outsourced computation and storage, private biometric and genomic computation, privacy-preserving systems for medical and social networks, authentication, anonymity, and key management. Dr. Blanton discussed the multitude of professions involving cyber security.

(Communication Careers/ Journalism)

Ms. Qina Liu – Digital Engagement Editor at The Buffalo News & Mr. Tim O’Shei  – Features Journalist for the Buffalo News, Teacher and Mentor at MSM 

*Ms. Liu is an alum of MSM who discussed the field of Communications. Qina graduated from MSM in 2009 and went on to study communications at Ithaca College. After graduation from Ithaca, Qina worked at YNN Buffalo at Time Warner then she interned for The Tablet in London, England. After returning home Qina continued to grow her career at Buffalo Business First before heading off to California to work for KCBS.  After returning home once more Qina has settled in at The Buffalo News. Qina has experience in so many areas of Communication and she was happy to join us to share her experience.

*Mr O’Shei is a teacher here at MSM as well as an acclaimed Journalist. He joined Ms. Liu (his student at one time, and now colleague) in explaining the similarities and differences between Communications and Journalism. We were so grateful to have access to such a talented journalist.

(Animation/Graphic Design)

Mr. Cameron Garrity – Professional Graphic Designer and Animator

*Mr. Garrity is an alum of Canisius High School and Daemen College. He is a Kenmore native and currently works with the Diocese of Buffalo. He shared so much information about Animation and Graphic Design. This was a great presentation for those who would like to learn more about this career field.

(Psychology/ Social Work and Mental Health Counseling)

Ms. Chelsea Howarth, BSW, MS-LMHC 

*Ms. Howarth is a Licenced Mental Health Counselor who works with the Juvenile Justice System. She spoke about the differences and overlapping areas of Psychology, Social Work and Mental Health Counseling. Ms. Howarth has years of experience working with young people and was able to explain the various areas of services provided by mental health professionals. If you think you may be interested in mental health or social services, this is a career speaker visit you should attend.

(Dietetics and Nutrition) 

Dr. Carol DeNysschen, PhD, MPH, R.D. – Western New York Dietetic Association Career Guide, Department Chair and Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Buffalo State College 

*Dr. DeNysschen has an extensive research background and tons of experience in this field. She also teaches or has taught the very classes required to become a Dietitian. If you have ever been interested in helping people to eat better, and feel better through sound nutrition; or maybe someone you know is ill in some way, a change of diet may be a step towards getting better. Dr. DeNysschen was able to explain the differences between the study of Dietetics and Nutrition.


Ms. Carolyn Williams – Salon Professional Academy

*Ms. Williams is a professional Educator who shared her insight regarding the field of Cosmetology and Salon Professions. Students who are creative and also have strong math, science and people skills should look into the field of cosmetology. This career area involves, Dermatology, Epidemiology, Chemistry and Art. There is also a huge business component as most people who work in this field seek to own their own business at some point.

(Theater and Performing Arts)

 Mrs. Kelly Copps 

*What can we say Mrs. Copps is a MSM Alum, Theater Owner, Actress and Dancer. She has blessed the MSM community with her talent since she was a student here. We welcomed Mrs. Copps to the Guidance Department to talk all about theater careers. More than just Acting, Singing, Dancing, Theater Management, Production Design, Costuming and Make-Up etc., theater career areas are expanding into new special effects and light /sound technology fields. This career area is expansive and allows various talents to shine.

(Nursing RN, BSN, MSN, Nurse Practitioner)

Mary Evanco-Caryk, RN, BSN

* Mrs. Evanco-Caryk is a wonderful representative of the Nursing Department at Buffalo’s own D’Youville College. She has the knowledge and passion about the field of nursing to inform the next generation of health care professionals. Mary has been a terrific resource to the many Mounties who have investigated nursing programs. We will continue to welcome her back!


Maria Patnella (Pharmacy Internist), pending PharmD

*Ms. Patnella is an alum of MSM currently in her final semester at Ohio Northern University. She will graduate this summer. If you wanted to know what studying to be a pharmacist was really like, she had a wonderful first hand account. We hope to invite her back in the future.

(Living @ College)

SENIORS: Ms. Julie Moslow – University at Buffalo Residence Hall Director 

*Ms. Moslow is an alum of MSM who discussed the transition from living at home to living on a college campus. How is it different? What is expected of you and what you can expect from the experience.Any student who is planning to live on campus or away from home should attend her next presentation.

(Application Helpful Hints)

JUNIORS: Mr. Dean Whitcomb – Admissions Counselor St. Bonaventure University

*Mr. Whitcomb is a professional Admissions Counselor who shared his insight regarding college applications, essays, and recommendation letters. Juniors should have attended this session to gain a better understanding of what college admissions counselors look for in applications.

(Application Helpful Hints)

SOPHOMORES/JUNIORS: Ms. Elizabeth Culliton – Director of Alumni Engagement at Canisius College 

*Ms. Culliton is an alum of MSM who discussed the ins and outs of applying to college. Her valuable insight helped to make the college application process much easier.

(Application Helpful Hints)

SOPHOMORES / JUNIORS: Ms. Megan Hoover – Admission Counselor – Niagara University

* Ms. Hoover is a professional Admissions Counselor who has reviewed applications from Mount in the past. We value her opinion and were thankful for her advice.

(Military Service)

United States Army Reserve Unit will be available in the Career Center for any interested students from 9-12th grade.

*Staff Sargent Jenney and Staff Sargent Golden joined us during lunches to talk about the many different ways to serve through the United States Army. Visit for information purposes only!