The Religion department provides students with the opportunity to participate in sacramental and liturgical life of the Church. Each course develops and enhances the student’s relationship with God through different types of prayer. The concept that faith must be “lived out” in order to witness the Gospel is instilled through the community service program.

Courses Offered:

  • Encountering Jesus (Freshmen)
  • Sacred Scripture (Sophomore)
  • Living What We Believe (Junior)
  • Living the Christian Challenge (Senior)
  • NUstep World Religions

A Global High School

Mount St. Mary Academy is a Global High School with Catholic Relief Services. As a school, Mount St. Mary Academy is working to increase advocacy and provide support for CRS’s high priority issues including poverty-focused international assistance, human trafficking, climate change and the pursuit of peace.

Through a school-wide effort, MSM is working to provide assistance for our sister school run by the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur in Rwanda while also continuing to emphasize human trafficking awareness and aid for refugees.

MSM is the first all girls school in Buffalo to become a Global High School with CRS.