Mount St. Mary Academy offers an academically diverse and challenging curriculum program aimed at educating the whole person. Preparation for college and beyond is the top priority in all academic areas. Students are continually challenged to achieve their personal best and pursue academically rich and diverse paths.

All of our students are encouraged to aim for a Regents diploma with Advanced designation by meeting the requirements as prescribed by the NYS Board of Regents. In 2017, 100% of our graduating class received a Regents diploma and 68% graduated with a Regents diploma with Advanced designation.

Mount St. Mary Academy is ranked in the top ten of all Western New York public and private schools, according to Buffalo’s Business First’s Guide to Western New York Schools. This demonstrates the continuing commitment that our administration and faculty have toward providing a well-rounded and high-quality education.

  • We offer students a broad range of Advanced Placement and college courses, partnering with area colleges and universities, such as Daemen College and Niagara University.
  • In addition to the NYS Regents prescribed curriculum, MSM offers a wide variety of classes to meet religion, physical education, and fine arts requirements.
  • All of our students take Introduction to STEAM, an  interactive, project-based class that allows students the chance to use science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics to design innovative solutions to real-world challenges.
  • In keeping with the technological changes of the modern day, we have a full 1:1 iPad program and offer students a wide range of computer coursework to advance their skills. Teachers are trained, and continue to be trained, on bringing in technology safely and effectively into classroom instruction.
  • Writing is heavily emphasized in all disciplines at Mount St. Mary.Teachers incorporate creative writing assignments, technical writing pieces, informal writing and formal research writing at every grade level and in every discipline.
  • MSM offers a Foundations class to every freshman focusing on vocabulary development, common Latin and Greek derived roots and writing processes. Vocabulary and comprehension are essential to every student’s success in all classes and the Foundations class helps to ensure that students are starting on an academically sound path to success.


Rounding out our academic programs are classes and services provided to ensure the optimal success rate for each student. At each grade level, students participate in seminars with subject matter tailored to students’ needs. MSM houses an Academic Learning Center to offer academic support to any student that may need it. Help with specific subject matter, organizational skills, test-taking are just a few of the services that the teachers and staff in the ALC can provide. This is also the source of any modifications that may be needed for students with mandated accommodations.

As this is just a glimpse at the rich academic offerings Mount St. Mary provides, I encourage you to visit our individual course pages for more detailed information about all of our educational offerings. Additionally, I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about the academic offerings here at Mount St. Mary Academy.

Jennifer Pitz-Jones ’96 

Assistant Principal for Academics