Our Philosophy:

Mount St. Mary Academy continues the educational and spiritual vision of the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur who, “In simplicity and joy, have offered all to God.”

Students are challenged to understand people of varied backgrounds by using their diverse gifts to participate in service to the community. Recognizing each student’s strengths and potential for growth, Mount St. Mary offers a varied curriculum that effectively encourages each student to succeed.

Through academic and extra-curricular programs, students explore their own identities and values and enhance their moral decision making skills. Students graduate from Mount St. Mary having attained global understanding, critical and abstract thinking skills and the ability to express their knowledge in a coherent and literate manner.

In an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, we support each other in times of celebration as well as sadness.

By nurturing our students emotionally, academically and spiritually, we prepare them to seek out solutions to life’s problems in the light of Christ’s teachings.


Our Belief Statements:

Catholic Identity: We value education rooted in the tradition of the Catholic Church, with a  special devotion to Mary. We are committed to the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and  physical wellness of the young women we serve. 

Scholarship: We are committed to intellectual growth and curiosity by challenging students to  strive to achieve their full potential and to approach learning as a lifelong pursuit. 

Personal Development: We are dedicated to the development of the whole person in a safe,  nurturing environment characterized by a strong sense of community and centered in Gospel  values. 

Inclusivity: We strive to instill in our students a knowledge of and respect for all cultural and  faith traditions, and the ability to use this knowledge to improve their community. We foster  understanding, appreciation, and acceptance of all members of our diverse global community,  as Jesus Christ does. 

Integrity: We challenge our students to embrace a sense of discipleship, respect, empathy,  moral responsibility, and stewardship, thus providing the community with leaders dedicated to  social justice and service.