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A charity auction is a major fundraiser, an occasion that is as exciting as it is worthwhile. Chrysalis will be a wonderful social event, a night of culinary delights, upbeat fun and an opportunity to procure wonderful gifts, services, personal items and travel – all for a good cause. The nature of the auction process allows everyone associated with the event to choose their individual comfort zone and participate at whatever level they choose.

The items acquired for the Chrysalis are auctioned in two ways:

  • Silent Auction: Most of the goods and services received will be sold through the Chrysalis Silent Auction. A bid sheet is placed with each item and auction participants write in their bid for the items they are interested in purchasing. Gifts will range in value from approx.
    $40 – $250.
  • Live Auction: The Chrysalis Live Auction will feature a professional auctioneer. Live auction items, on display throughout the evening, are those exceptional gifts considered significant because of their value, rarity and appeal. The value of these items ranges from $200 to those of a more intangible or “priceless” value. Items that sell best and bring the greatest return are use of summer homes, resorts and condominiums, trips and cruises, jewelry, sporting event packages, and original works of art.

Chrysalis Gift Ideas:

  • Themed Baskets (popular themes include wine, kids, entertainment, sports, crafts, etc…)
  • Housewares and Small Appliances
  • Artwork
  • Sports Equipment and Memorabilia
  • Electronics
  • Gift certificates, sporting and event tickets, cultural venue passes
  • Jewelry and Handbags
  • Summer-themed items (patio furniture, grills, boating excursions, etc…)

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